Sunday, October 9, 2011

It´s good to be me! Yes, every ugly piece of it...

I´m back in Bogotá after an awesome week on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Once again, I had a blast on that side of the country. Ooo I love Colombia! I could easily stay here forever, but I really need to stick to my plan and it´s time to move on to my next destination --> Buenos Aires, Argentina. The departure date landed on 12th October. I did some flight research  on my laptop. 15 minutes later I ended up with an one way ticket to Rio de Jainero on my hands.... Well.. Hmm... You know, it just happened. Lovely! It feels so good to have the freedom to do whatever I want to do, go wherever I want to go.  I´m the captain of my own ship, and I love it! Just like that, I´m heading of to Brazil in 24 hours. Where to stay? What to do? How does my bank account feel about this? Hmm.. Honestly, I don't´t know a shit about Rio. Ok, that is not completely true. I know that Jesus is there, and that men wears speedo in Rio. Good enough. Rio, here I come!!! 

Ohh... Life is good when you know how to live it! 
I´m the boss of my own happiness and I live every day like it´s my last day! I´m so grateful for all the people in my life. For my beloved family and good friends. For all the amazing human beings I have bumped into on my great journeys. For all the little pleasures and moments, like dancing salsa on the street of Habana, enjoying a cop of coffee while I´m watching sunrice of a glorious summer morning in Nicaragua. 

Jealous? Ooo wait! I´m not done! Guess what! I spend my whole Saturday at Fernando Botero´s x-house. I repeat: I spend my whole Saturday at Fernando Botero´s x-house. UNO MAS! UNO MAS! I spend my whole Saturday at Fernando Botero´s x-house. Got it? The house is now owned by his first lady. In case you don´t know who this guy is (which you should). Fernando Botero is THE MAN! He is a colombian painter who is one of the most famous contemporary artists in the world today. He's  famous for his painters and sculptures of fat beast. I meant human. i was at his house because Magnus did a modeling job for a colombian designer. And the photo session found place in the garden of Fernando Botero´s x-house in Tabio. I will come back with more details and pictures. Anyways, it was a special experience for me. I love Botero! Even he don´t live there any longer, I don't give a damn! I have been to Botero´s x-house!!! I walked in his x-garden, patted his x-dog (even I´m allergic) and I peed in his x-toilet. Unforgettable moment... Yay! 

 I told you! It´s good to be me! Yes, every ugly piece of it... 

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  1. Jeg elsker bloggen din XD

    Og jeg elsker hvordan du bare kan drite i alle forventinger til deg og bare leve livet. Jeg ville tenkt: Jeg kan ikke reise og ikke tjene penger. Jeg har jo et studielån som jeg får renter på så fort jeg slutter å studere.

    Og jeg hadde ikke turt å dra alene..

    Men nå kan jeg jo drømme meg bort mens jeg leser bloggene dine og ser på bildene dine. Herlig! :)