Sunday, October 9, 2011

Slapper av hos Fernando Botero´s hus. Freaker ikke ut i det hele tatt..

Is not everyday you can pee in Botero´s x-toilet! For me, that was huge! A special moment which is worth putting on ink (or online).

As you might know. I came back to Colombia with a friend from back home. Mi amor, Magnus. Is not a secret that Magnus is a beautiful young man who draws a lot attention wherever he goes. The gays in Bogotá can´t take their hands of him. The women act like paparazzi when they see him on the street. The point is he got a modeling job for a colombian designer named Pascal Dec. Honestly, I have never heard about this guy before, but the line turned out to be pretty good! Magnus is going to front the collection for the next season. We spend the whole Saturday doing the photo-shot leaded by a Brazilian photographer, Erika Suconic. How cool isn´t this? The best part was that the photo session found place at Fernando Botero´s x-house in Tabio. He don´t live there any longer. The house is now owned by his first lady. In case you have no idea what I am talking about:

Mona Lisa by Fernando Botero

This beautiful house is on the top of the mountain in Tabio. A small town, just an hour from Bogotá. Pascan´s aunt is married to Botero´s son, that´s why we could do the photo-shot at Botero´s x-house. Yay! What a wonderful day!

Im not freaking out at all... Chau chau, amigos! 

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