Friday, September 30, 2011

A quick update!

* I´m still alive! No broken leg so far. 
* I have been abroad for 16 days 
* Had my first couch surfing experience in NYC. Thanks, Evan for hosted us!
* I raped my credit card in New York City. I actually bought a new suitcase to send my stuff back.
* Had the best time with the best norwegian girls in NYC. Marlene & Nellie, please come to BA!!!
* Experienced a housewarming party in Brooklyn
* Been to Niagara Falls. Check! 
* Crossed the border between The States and Canada by foot
* Tried Poutine in Toronto, a typical canadien dish that originated in Quebec
* I´m now back in Bogotá, Colombia for the second time this year. And I´m having Magnus with me as my travel companion. 
* Magnus and I are living like princesses at our friend´s house. Did I say house? I meant palace! 

Now I have to get ready to Casti´s 30th B´party! The dress code is Flamboyante-PINK (Conspicuosly, dashing and colorful). So stay 
tuned! It´s going to be a freaaak show!!!

Love from Bogota! 

Casti, Magnus, Lama and Yvonne are ready to rock Bogotá tonight :D 

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