Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Playa Blanca en Cartagena

The beach is suppose to be the best beach close to Cartagena. I have also been told that Playa Blanca is probably one of the best beaches in Colombia! Honestly, Playa Blanca didn´t impress me that much - weh weh weh... Yes, the sand is white and the water is kind of crystal clear. But it´s not a charming place at all! It was packed with tourists, men in speedos (probably Brazilians), annoying sellers and massage-women EVERYWHERE! Que pasa!? But who cares, I had a blast with the boys, the lunch was great and the most important thing of all: I´m super tan! Yay! Magnus did a great job as well. He looked like a wheat bun before when he came to Colombia. And now: Magnus a.k.a Light Tiger Woods. 

The beach before Playa Blanca was actually much better!
Casti is such a good photographer. Nææt! Men det spiller ingen rolle. I just want to show of my tan.
I loooove tanning with white people...

Pescado, por favor! 

Love from Cococolombia

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