Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow white and the three Argentinians dwarfs

Ok. My roommates are not dwarfs and Im far away from being pale! But I just love comparing myself to  the Disney´s princesses. And Snow White is my favorite. So, this three Argentinians dwarfs welcomed Snow White into their home, hoping for that she can cook, clean, and keep the house while they watching football and at night sing, play music and dance. This Snow white don't usually cook or clean. But you know how kind, sweet and beautiful Show White is. She is going to cook for the whole family tonight. A healthy one! These guys don't know the word healthy. Show White have to do something about it. Lets take a look at the dwarfs casa.

The dwarfs welcomed Snow White with Empanemas. This is what this guys eats daily and it was dangerously good!
Snow Whites food. According the dwarfs, this is food for rabbits. 
This is the saddest soap collection I have seen.  
This is the boy´s toilet and it has been like this in 2 days. Lets hope that they shit somewhere else.
This is what the dwarfs got for dinner
My dinner!
Toco and his snacks - hotdog!

Beside the unhealthy diet, I love these guys :) Gotta run. I got dwarfs to feed.  

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