Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This song reminds me of Toronto

Woke up to Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People. The first thing that popped up in my mind was Toronto. Donno why..? Maybe it´s because Libis played this song when I visited him for almost 2 weeks ago? Ooo I wanna go back... I wanna see more of the city! For me, TO is like a mini version of NYC, which i s perfect. Not too big, but still a liiiittle bit bigger than Moss. Just a bit... A lot of vintage and second hand shops, cool cafes and a lot of things to do (I guess! I didn´t do much when I was there -ha).  4 days in Canada is to short, for sure! But the trip was quiet spontaneous and I did experienced a bit of TO and Barrie, me gusta! And it is always nice too catch up with people I met from my previous trips... Especially people I met from my beloved Nicaragua and Colombia.


Hmm... I figured out that NFC is not my kind of stuff. 

Mmm... Delicious breakfast at Abha´s house in Barrie

I found your daddy, but where the fuck were you, Taylor? 

Mike high school?


Meet the family´s pet: Chippy

Look how exited Chris is about his Poutine!

French fried, brown gravy and sauce, cheese curds and a lot of meet! Adios vegetarian Yvonne
I found this canadian in Colombia. Make a bid, girls... 

Hasta luego, TO!

Enjoy your day! I will enjoy mine here in Taganga! Off to Playa de Grande with my princesses, Magnus and Casti! 

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