Saturday, November 5, 2011

Good bye my sister from another mister

It´s another goodbye. And I hate it. Still not use to it. Especially when it´s my sister from another mister! My sister and my shopping buddy just went back to Melbourne this morning... Weh weh weh...  We met each other in Rio De Janeiro for 3 weeks ago and we´ve been stuck with each other since then. We always get the same questions no matter  where we go. "Yo ar sisters?" &"Do yo spik japanis ?" No! But I don't blame them. I can't see the different between mexicans men either. Short. Fat. Mustache. Funny english ascent. 

Her background is malaysian, my is vietnamese... Same, same but different. 70 percent of my Buenos Aires experiences so far was with Andrea! Aww, San Telmo Market is not gonna be the same without you! Take care and good luck, sister! You will be missed!!!

Karaoke... She can't help it...  It´s in her blood. 

Andrea just got her ticket to The Strokes in last minute! 300 pesos... Thats like 3 leather bags. 
Rio reunion in  Palermo. Me,  Alejh and Andrea
My first steak experience in B.A was with this one! 
Our own asian party at The Strokes concert

Hasta luego, Andrea! I´ll see  you in Melbourne! 

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