Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I might never come home...

...If Buenos Aires is like this everyday... 

I started my day at 9 ish, breakfast and yerba mate on my sunny balcony, attended school which is situated 2.5 blocks from me, had lunch on the rooftop, homework/sunbath/pool time, dinner with friends in Palermo Soho and danced  salsa to late at night!  So was my day yesterday and hopefully this is my new daily routines!

Today is my 3rd day in my own apartment, and I´m used to it already. Nothing to complain!
My place is located between Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood.  A perfect spot where I´m surrounded by plenty of nice restaurants, cafes, clubs, shopping and parks. Its always something going on in this neighborhood. I have everything I can ask for! To top it all, I have a pool on the rooftop of the building with an amazing 360° view of the city. I know where I´m gonna be when the hot argentinean summer is coming. Briiiiing it! 

 I went straight  to the pool right after school and been spending the rest of the day on this spot with Clara and Dani.
 Dear friends and family in Norway. So, how is the weather back at home? 

Watching sunset from my rooftop with Clara and Dani
Buenos Aires, I love, love, love, love love you!

Mate, Clara and me! 

Latin Jam every Wednesday!!! 

Now its time for brunch and pool time with the girls! 
Well, well... Hard life. 

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