Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh oh... Another loco norwasian is coming to Buenos Aires!

Porteños, get ready! Another loco norwasian is coming to your city in 13 days!

Name: Nellie. But you can call her Yvonne if you want to. For some reason, most people can't tell the different between us. 

Gender: Female.

Age: Physical : 24. Mental: 12

Relationship Status: Single 

So, my better half from Norway is coming to B.A for my birthday! I can't ask for a better birthday gift!? Gonna celebrate my 24th birthday with my best friend in Buenos Aires... Iihhh... It can't be better! Of all my friends, this one is the most spontaneous one! We have been in Barcelona, Malaysia and New York city together. And its just getting better and better for each trip. She booked the trip to NYC the day after I asked her to join me. And now she's coming to B.A, even she don't have a coin in her pocket. How can I not love you? 

Mi amiga loca, I cant wait to have you in here!

Haha what happened in Barcelona, stays in Barcelona. 

Nellie + Yvonne + Buenos Aires = Disaster!   

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