Saturday, December 24, 2011


Mừng Chúa Giáng Sinh! 
Feliz Natal! 
Selamat hari natal! 
Felix dies Nativitatis! Joyeux Noël
Gleðilig jól!
Shnorhavor Surb tsnund!

It´s a tradition in Norway were the guys don't shave their mustache from December 1 until Christmas Eve. I tried to grow my own mustache, but didn't succeed. But mustache, we still have. It´s important to keep the tradition running. This is how Anna and I welcomed Christmas Eve in Buenos Aires. We walked around the street and showed up at Frank´s Bar like two taco-seller. 

This Christmas is different from the other Christmas I´m used to. No family, no asian food, no karaoke, no asian Santa Claus, no presents under my Christmas tree. It´s weird, but I'm exited. I´m going to spend Christmas with my closest ones here in Buenos Aires. Foodparty at my place tonight! Yay! 

Merry Christmas, amigos! 
Enjoy and take care! 

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