Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What to do when you are emo in Buenos Aires?

1. Get pierced. Not 1, but 3.
2. Attend a food party. Comfort eating is the best way to satisfied the depressing.

Yesterday was my emo day. No special reason, I just like to be emo sometimes. I´m sure you know how it feels. You need a couple of emo days to make the other days happy days, right? Yes, thats my theory.
We didn't do much yesterday. Nellie and I went to a cafe to say goodbye to Dani, my german friend who is gonna leave B.A for  couple weeks. And then we decided to drop in a piercing studio just to buy a couple of flesh plugs for Nellie. Bad idea. For some reasons I always get a kick and excitement when Im at a piercing studio. I don't know what happened, but we walked out of the studio with 5 piercings richer. 3 for me, 2 for Nellie. I love that Nellie is a person who is easy to persuade. I got her to pierce her nipple last time we where in NYC. And that was her first piercing ever! Haha poor girl, she is going to turn to an emo kid just like me. She is doing a good job so far, we just putted 2 microdermals on her body! FYI, a microdermal implants is a form for body modification  where  you basically place a single piercing under your skin where only the one part of the piercing is visible on the skin’s surface.  This girl placed the microdermals on her neck, one on the back and one below her ear. For me, I got a Helix (at the top of the ear), and two microdermals too. One on my chest and the last one on my neck, below my ear too. Im really happy about the results. And yes it made my day better! I think I can see the pattern for this piercing addiction. I did the same thing when I was in Nicaragua. I was emo, what did I do? Got a septum piercing. Costa Rica, emo, what did I do? Got my septum and nipple pierced again. Colombia, emo, a helix. Oooh snap, now I sound like a super emo kid. Some people may disagree, but I think piercing is a beautiful form for body art. And I love it! I have all together 11 piercing on my body. It used to be 14, but I had to take out my surface piercing back on my neck and two helixes because of infection. And no, I don't mind to get more.

Getting exited about my new Helix! Im like a fat kid in a candy store when I get a new piercing! 

This is Nellie after traveling with me. 

Here we go again...

Nellie`s turn... Crazy, crazy chick!

Placing my new baby on my chest. 

Nellie`s nipple piercing

Another microdermal

But in a good way, and it´s worth the pain! 

Nellie´s first surface piercing. Beautiful!!! 

My left side. 
Me gusta!!!! 
I love my microdermals, but if you are considering to get one, please think twice. It´s semi permanent! 

If you get tired of it. There is only one way to remove it!

Time for comfort eating. We are not playing emo. 
Look at this fucking retarders
A random lady on the street, I just can't get over her money maker. Gotta share this.

No worries. The sun is shining, Nellie is still in B.A, I´m happy today.

Love from B.A 

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