Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good morning my new home!

I have been living like a nomade for too long time now. I haven't had my own bed, my own place, a real home for 1.5 year! Traveling, chocolate, coffee and my beloved people are the things that I appreciate most in my life. I love every single day of my journey, but I really need to take a break from moving from place to place with my suitcase now. I need to let my mind and feet settle down and breath. And I guess Buenos Aires is the place that I will call home from today on.

Here is the list of I want to do here. And things that will be part of my daily life in B.A!

* Get my own apartment!!! Right now, I´m staying at my friend´s place where I share the apartment with 3 argentinians guys. I actually have my own bedroom and toilet. Can´t complain! Thanks for having me here Juan!

* Learn spanish, not spanglish! Second day in B.A - spanish class in 3 hours. Good girl!

* Improve my english. Writing this blog in english is my way to improve and practice my third language. It´s not perfect, but i know how to get by with my broken english.

* I wanna dance salsa! Mucho, mucho salsa! I know that tango is what people like here. But to be honest, I´m not so into it. I can't do all the things that locals do everywhere I go to? I´m sure you didn´t wear a speedo when you were in Brazil, or eat dog meat when you were in China?

* Buy my own bike with a basket in front of it. I´m going to pimp my ride with flowers!

* Go to the gym! I refuse to return to Norway looking like a meatball, AGAIN!

* And last but not least. I want to sell cookies and cupcakes in the markets! This is one of my priority goal  during my stay here. I´m going to make every single cookie and cupcake with love and passion. And I´m going to share it  to the people in B.A. I know, I know. It´s probably not the most ambitious and biggest goal to reach. It´s simple. But it makes me happy. Hopefully, it will make other people happy too.

So, this is my friend Juan when he was in Norway! Yay! 

My cupcakes are going to be mucho better than these!

Today is my first date with Buenos Aires, wish me good luck!

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