Saturday, October 29, 2011

The secret to a perfect day in Buenos Aires

A perfect day needs a perfect start. I started my with a tasty brunch! Ensalada de uvas, nueces,  jamón, pasas, tomate, pimentón y miel vestir!I might don't know how to cook, but I know how to make delicious rabbit food! 

 My method of workout: Shopping.
Yes, it´s hard.  You need endurance and lots of energy.  
Shopping can last for hours And all the bags can get pretty heavy. Hold out! 
The market in Palermo Soho. This neightborhood is so chic and cozy! Somebody told me that this is where you find all the cool kids. Ohh hey! Im a cool kid!  No wonder this place feels like home.

What is a day without music? A bad day! Lucky me, South America is full of music and rhythm. And Buenos Aires is full of street musicians. 

I found these cool kids playing with their toys on the street(!).
This band goes by the name Mushi Mushi Orquesta. Their music kind of reminds me of Beirut, which I really like. Check it out and enjoy it! I did. 

Stay cool. Poker face. Poker face.

It´s impossible to skip the park on a sunny and beautiful day like this. Sitting in the part, let the sun do the job, watching people passing through. It can´t be better! 

Spotted in Plaza Viejo Palermo: Random people were drawing each other and everybody can join! Creativity is priceless!

Shopping. Tan. Street band. Now what?
Tea time at Pierina Tea House. My favorite tea house in B.A so far. And it´s just next to Plaza Viejo Palermo. This place is super girly and cozy. I feel like I am Alice in Wonderland every time I´m here. 

Look at the teapot and cup! So cute!!! And the salmon salad is so delicious, worth 38 pesos which is  like 11 US dollars. Its not the cheapest place to eat, but the price is actually not that bad for being in Palermo Soho. Love, love this place! If you are in town - try it out!, Gurruchaga 1875 Buenos Aires. 
The guys that I´m staying with are having party at our place tonight. Yaay! My first porteños house party! Gotta get ready and make myself beautiful. You know how slow I am. 

My day was perfect, how crappy was your day? 

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