Friday, November 18, 2011

Chinatown and gay clubs. What do they have in common?

- They are the two things you can't get rid of wherever you travel. 

So, why not combine it? Chinatown and gay club in the same day. Kill two birds with one stone! 

I love sundays in Buenos Aires. It´s my relax and act-like-a-gringo day. I usually spend my Sundays to discover new parts of the city, wander on the street of B.A, shopping at San Telmo Market or simply enjoy a cup of coffee at a cafe and watch people passing by. Last Sunday was an extraordinary one. I decided to check out Chinatown, also known as Barrio Chino. The trip to Barrio Chino was quiet an adventure. To make it more interesting, we finished our night at a gay restaurant/club. I´m used to gay clubs, I love it. But never have I ever experienced a completely naked dude dancing in front of me while I´m trying to eat my salad! 

So, this extraordinary Sunday started in Barrio Chino.  
It´s located in Belgrano, 4 blocks from the Subte (Metro) stop Juramento in the D line. It´s also close to the train line, so it´s very easy to get here. Barrio Chino starts from the Arribenos and Juramento´s crossing point and runs a couple blocks down Arribenos. 
To be honest, I´m not a big fan of these Chinatowns. It´s everywhere and it´s the same everywhere: A bunch of yellow fellows who sell weird food, fake bags and Hello Kitty hair accessories. So, aunty... What´s new? But it´s also the only place that nobody is yelling "chino, chino" or "Jackie Chan" after me. And no, It doesn't make me feel like I'm one of these 4.5 feet creatures either. Anyways, I decided to go, just to check out. And I also needed some asian ingredients. Barrio Chino was bigger than what I expected. I have been to "Chinatown" in Cuba - no chinese, only 2 "chinese" restaurants. Chinatown in Colombia - same concept: 2 chinese restaurants, 3 Jet Li wannabes. Awkward. 

I woke up this morning and made a promise to myself: No more junk food!  I failed once I saw these Banh Bao! 

All kind of Soya Sauce, but no Fish Sauce! WTF!? What kind of chinese supermercado is this?  Will,  Don´t come to B.A without bringing the stupid fish sauce.

Banh Bao con carne. Nothing compares to my mum´s Banh Bao. But it was eatable. I killed 4.  

Welcome to Barrio Chino where everyone has eyes like wide-screens and no taller then 4.5 feet. 

Hey, aunty! It´s me, Yvonne! 

OMG Hello Kitty. Yes, it´s definitely yellow fellows nearby. 

MOONCAKE WITH RED BEAN! Oh Oh... So long summer body 2012! 
BANH CAM! Oh Oh... So long summer body 2012!
REKECHIPS AKA PRAWN CRACKERS! So long summer body 2012! 

A real chinese eats duck eggs. A real chinese eats weird stuff.  Even donkey penis! Its the latest trend in the chinese kitchen... And I thought norwegians are crazy cause we like brown cheese! 
No comments 
What? Overpopulation in China? I wonder why... 

They thought that Autumn hasn´t eaten for ages.  She didn't eat for ages after this one. 

Alejh and I tried to pull out a cool pose, but neh nothing special here. I just want to show of my new favorite bag I bought in San Telmo. 

Barrio Chino - Check! Now it´s gay time! Yaay! Alejh took us to Inside Resto Bar in Bartolome Mitre 1571. It´s a gay bar/restaurant/club/strip show ish place! Haven't been to any gay club since Bogota in October, so this is perfect! This one is definitely different than the other gay clubs I have been too. Most of the gay clubs I have been to play electronic music, but it was no electronic at Inside. It was RICKY MARTIN and brazilian folk music. Ricky Martin... Can it be more gay?   

The Obelisk at Avenida  9 de Julio. I told you, Sundays are my play tourist day.  Autumn, Alejh and... Yeah... You know Im pretty bad with names.. 

Dinner at INSIDE Resto Bar. I love that Autumn and I were the only girls in this restaurant and that no one eyesfucked us! 

Spice girls under the dinner... Im not the only one who loved it! Look at that geek!  

I was eating my salad, suddenly Zorro showed up! Wow... I thought he came to rescue the damsel in distress.

But it was no damsel there. Just Autumn, me and these boys who love boys. So Zorro figured out that he want to get naked. Why not. 

Trans show in spanish. Didn't understand a shit. But I liked that they said mierda in every sentences. 

Ricky Martin in the house!!! Oh my my... I just love this city more and more! 

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