Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Empanada a la Norwasian.

The weather was pretty depressing today, so the pool was useless. And since the pool was useless, I didn't know what to do for the rest of my day! So I figured out that I should do something different and new. Like, cook a new dish! I went to supermarket to get inspiration of what I want to try out. And I decided to make empanadas! For your information, an empanada is a fried or baked stuffed bread filled with different things like meats, cheese, vegetables or fruits among others. You can basically find empanadas everywhere in the world in different variations. Empanadas is one of the reason that men look like sumo wrestlers and women like hippos.  This thing is dangerous good. 

Here in Argentina, people eat empanadas more often than they change underwear. Which means at least once a day (hopefully). I love empanadas, but I´m sick of the empanadas they serve here. Most of them are with meats and cheese! I don't eat meat often, and I can't eat a lot of cheese either cause I´m allergic to milk. So I decided to make my own vegetarian empanadas. 

Yvonne cooking in a pinafore dress. Miracles happen, you know.  

Carrots, champignon, peppers, onions, corn, tomatoes, potatoes and pumpkins are the main ingredients. I improvised and tried out with different spices.

Spicy red curry mixed with coconut milk 

2 different doughs. One with sesame seeds and one regular. I´m not playing cook here. I take my empanadas seriously! 

Half way to become an empanada! 

Rock and wrap it up!  
Each empanada was made of love! Those with the green stuff on the top that looks like dog shit, those are filled with vegetables, spinach and coconut milk! MMMMmmm...! 

Mmmmm... It´s not everyday that I´m proud of myself...I´m impress! If I was on a date with myself, I will definitely get wild on the first date. 

Hell yeah I am a keeper! Definitely a wife material! 
Empanadas a la Yvonne.  *Verduras con curry picante y leche de coco.  *Verduras con espinacas y leche de coco. BAAAAM!

Time to test my masterpieces! Dinner at casa de Clara y Mariana. 
My guinea pigs. And the girls loved it!

Empanada a la Norwasian was a wrap! 

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