Thursday, November 24, 2011

Oooh snap! Its only 1 month left to Christmas!

I didn't realize that Christmas is just around the corner until today. I went to down town in search for baking supplies for my cupcakes and cookies project. It surprised me that the streets and all the stores were adorned with Christmas decoration! It just felt so weird and unreal... Something is missing! OOoh... The cold and snow! My thick jacket and Christmas songs in the background as well! Instead, I was wearing a summer dress and it was salsa music on the street. Random? This is going to be my first Christmas abroad, and my first Christmas without my family. Gonna be a different and interesting Christmas celebration. No Vietnamese/Norwegian food, no Christmas gift, no Christmas tree in the living room, no Mass on Christmas eve, no KARAOKE with my family...Whooot!? And no asian Santa Claus knocking on my door??? And I have nobody to buy presents to! Thats the best part I love about Christmas... Buying presents to my beloved ones! Well... Well.. I guess I just have to buy presents to myself! Talking about presents, my birthday gift are coming to Buenos Aires tomorrow. In about 7 hours! Probably the best birthday gift I ever got!

I love pink, but this is too painful to see. 

Oh no, we are not playing Christmas here in B.A

Getting ready to pick up the princess in 7 hours! 

By the way, does anyone know where I can buy cupcake pans and tins in Buenos Aires? Been looking for it everywhere!!! 

 To infinity and beyond...

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