Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tired of being homeless for 1.5 year!!!

I´m usually a positive and easy going person. But lately, I have been a pain in the ass. Grumpy. Bitchy Unsatisfied. You name it. My darkest color is about to show! The reason is because I´m so, so, so, so, so tired of the hostel life, couch surfing, moving from spot to spot and not having my own place. It has been like this for 1.5 year (And the mole is not  making the situation better either)! I know its a part of the traveling life - living like a nomad. But enough is enough. I need my own place! My own kitchen, my own bathroom, my own closet so I can unpack all my stuff and MY OWN BED! I´m not talking about going back to Norway. I just need to settle down in one place for  little while. Luckily I will get my own apartment in 5 days. My, my, my.... I can't wait! It´s a simple and small studio with a queen bed, balcony aaaand a swimming pool on the top floor of the building. I don´t swim, but that swimming pool is gonna be useful for my tan bathing. My new crib is located in Palermo Soho - Perfect! 5 more days. 5 more days. 5 more days..! So until then... Dear, friends, classmates, teachers, roommates, cleaning lady, hostel´s staff, bus driver and random people on the street. Im so sorry for putting you through this shit. But please hold out with this bitch for 5 more days. I promise that the Yvonne that you used to know is coming back on Tuesday! 

This is me in Hostal Los Amigos, Guatemala. No more bedbugs, no more weird sex noises in the middle of the night, no more shared bathroom, no more hostel in a while! 

Bienvenidos a mi casa!!

Ohh Hola! 

Ohh Hola! 

Ohh Hola! 

NELLIE!!! This is gonna be your home for 2 weeks! 

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  1. Skjønner hva du mener. Husker jeg var lei av hostellivet etter bare 6 mnd! 1,5 år er jo drøyt lenge! Den nye leiligheten ser super ut da, kos deg masse :) Husk at vi her hjemme i Norge misunner alle de på tur!