Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sexy time, crappy breakfast and bedbugs...

So, i'm back in hostels. Last night was my first night at a hostel in a while. The vibe was good, friendly people and really interesting conversations. But there are three negative things That I hate about hostels:

Crappy breakfast. No fruits or fresh stuff, only bread and jam, Cereals and milk. I'm allergic to milk, so I'm screwed.

Bedbugs! Not so sexy bed company... But, hey! It's hostels not 5 stars hotels.

Sexy time. No, people don't get less horny even it's dirty here. So yes, they do have sex even there is other people around. The neighbor dorm had a pretty intense sexy time last night, and I think the whole hostel heard that. Now I remember why I was tired of the hostel life...

At least, I'm here with good people... So, crappy breakfast, annoying sexy time and creepy bed company... I will survive :) So far, Mendoza has been an OK host. Time for wine tasting!

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