Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Yvonne, come home... It´s time to grow up"

"Come home, get a job, get a man, get a house, grow up! You are 24 , and you are not getting younger"- Mummy. Auch! 

So, I talked to my mum. You know, this kind of "Hi, mum! Im still alive" conversation. But this one was a bit different than the other conversation we used to have. She didn't ask much about what I have been doing lately. I guess she is tired of hearing the same old things: I have been baked cupcakes, I saw this and I saw that, I ate this and I ate that, I´m running out of money, I´m getting chubby and bla bla bla.... Instead, we had a mum and daughter conversation! She told me that I have to come home soon and it´s time to grow up. And that I have to stop wasting my time and fooling around like this. I guess it´s true... Maybe it is time to get serious! What have I been doing lately beside baking cupcakes? What have I achieved the past year? Of course I have grown, but not in the head, more in the size. So, I had a pep talk with myself and decided to book my flight home. Home, Norway, home, home, winter, same old faces, same old stories, routines, work, winter, home... So I booked the ticket, but not home... Bolivia! Weh weh weh... 

Mum, I love you. But I have to disappoint you. I´m 14 in my head, and it will take me 10 more years until I turn 24. But don´t worry... I will come home one day.... 

Time to bake cupcakes, that´s what adults do...

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  1. Girl, you're still young. Travel as much as you can. =D

    Theresa Van (from america lol)