Friday, January 27, 2012

Home is not the bad at all...

104 hours, 6 countries, 9 flights, too many chocolate and too many tears. I'm finally back to where I call home. The trip back to Norway was not enjoyable at all! Too many flights, too many countries, eternal waiting, the flight from Puerto Rico to Frankfurt got cancelled so I was stuck on the island for 20 hours. Aaand I had to buy a new flight ticket from Frankfurt to Norway. But I'm home now. And home has never tasted so sweet like now...

Always a pleasure to see my adorable Goddaughter again, and I also got "hello and welcome home" flowers from a good friend :) 

Oooh hello Odin! You are cute and useless as always. 

My brother and his wife are preparing the dinner for the princess. Duck, duck, duck. Not bad at all! Mmm... I can get use to it. 

Bella gave me this weirdo drawing. It´s okay darling. I still love you. 

Tomorrow´s breakfast. 

Norway is not that bad at all. Let´s see how long this happiness last.  

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