Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Buenos Aires, we finally meet!

After a couple of roundtrips and unexpected stops, I finally arrived my final destination, Buenos Aires!
Im very exited! Never been here before, but I felt in love with this city before I got here! My love for Buenos Aires has grown and grown for each day of my journey. I´m sure I haven't heard one single traveler talked shit about my future lover. That´s a good start!

You get many lovers when you travel the world. Some interesting, some special and some you will never forget. Cuba was an unique one. New York knows how to spoil me. Nicaragua have a special place in my heart. Colombia, I will keep on coming back to you. And Brazil... Brazil, Brazil... So much love, so much passion. You tasted like my favorite chocolate. Dark and sweet. I miss you already.

Ooo Buenos Aires... Please don´t disappoint me... Please treat me with love... I have faith on this relationship!

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