Thursday, October 20, 2011

Buenos Aires, you have to be patient

I did it again. I'm probably the slowest traveler in the world. I was supposed to catch a flight to Buenos Aires today. But instead, I was at the Ipanema beach and worked on my tan! I want more sunny days! So I rebooked my ticket yesterday. Now I got 4 more days to fried my body! Yeah! I also moved out of Che Lagorto Hostel (finally!!) it took me 1 week to do it! My excuse is: I'm slow! I really liked this hostel. Friendly and helpful staff, cool people and it's 2 blocks from the beach! But the only common room they have is the bar, and it's always loud music and crowded there. The kitchen is only available between 3 and 6 pm! Who cooks between 3 and 6 pm!?This hostel is good for those who want to party hard. I'm not one of them.
I need a peaceful and tranquilo place where I can feel like home. So I'm staying at Leblon spot Hostel right now. Much better! Exactly what I need. Aaand! There is a Vietnamese restaurant just in front of the hostel! Goi cuon, goi cuon! Yippi!

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