Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to be a potential wife material

You see, my mum is a little bit worry about me. I´m turning 24 next month, single, still following Gossip Girl, and my breast is starting to move in the wrong direction. According to mummy, I´m getting out of date. She keeps trying to hook me up with these vietnamese guys from my hometown. I don´t know what is worst. That my mum is trying to find me a husband or that her selections is getting worst and worst. That woman is losing faith on me! Sometimes, I just wanna tell her that I´m already married to a dude from Melbourne, named Chase. And he got a twin brother, named Hays. Ehh… Yupp! It was not a traditional and romantic wedding, it was more a la Vegas style… So I guess it doesn´t count. But a good vietnamese daughter never let her mother down. I´m gonna make myself to a potential wife material and make my mum proud! So, I have been taking research and talked to a few guys from the hostel about what makes a woman wife material?

Here is some common conclusions:

* She can cook. Failed. All asian girls knows how to cook. Not this one.

* She´s independent. I pay my own shoes, even I have to eat nuddle for dinner in a week (One step closer to be a wife material. Yeah!).

* She has ambition and goals. My is going to Buenos Aires and sell COOKIES and CUPCAKES! And getting back to Norway alive. Is it good enought?

* Loyalty. I was loyal to my beloved Chase in a couple weeks. What more can he ask for?

* She wants a big happy family. "A big family" includes at least 3 kids. Who want to look like a hippo in 9 months x 3 times? Failed. Big time! Forget it! NO!

* Humor. Now we´re talking. Check out my previous post and judge self.

* SHE CAN COOK! Again, FAILED! I guess this point is the most important one. If I nailed this one, I probably don´t need to worry about the other points.

So mission number one in "How to be a potential wife material" operation is:

Learn how to cook!

The first thing I did after I wrote this, was booked a cooking class in Copacabana, Rio De Janeiro. No time to lose!

Have I become a potential wife material after the cooking class? I know what you are thinking, but please stay tuned!

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