Saturday, October 15, 2011

I don´t have a catchy title for this post

I´m so lazy today... Went to bed at 7 am after a long night in Lapa... Haven´t done anything useful... But that´s nothing new! It´s been like that all my life. Weh-Weh-Weh. I´m not up to write or do something fun  on a day like this. So I´m just gonna upload some random iPhone stuff from my last trip in Colombia. Promise I will come back with something more juicy tomorrow...

Rumba in Bogotá! I usually think I´m a good dancer.. But here... I felt like a "whiteman -dancing"

I´m so proud of myself! No way I´m gonna put on me another 9 kg!!! Fuck no! 

But then I got hungry after the work out.. WEh weh weh

This is for you, Chris mummy! 
Andres De Carne de res!

Make a bid guys!

The view from Casti´s daddy´s house in Cartatena

Still at Casti´s house in Cartagena


The beach before Playa Grande. Can´t remember the name of it. Let´s call it The Beach.

Cartagena by night

Taganga with my ladies

On the way to Tayrona Park

Cruising in Bogota

I really like the color contrast here

Inflane party in Bogota

I know, that was quiet boring. See ya! 

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