Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The best way to get to know a culture is to eat your way to it.

In this case, Nellie is a champion when it comes to getting to know a new culture. 

I remember how exited I was about Nellie visiting me in Buenos Aires. I couldn't wait to show her the city, my new home... The feeling of picking my best friend up at the airport still feels fresh. It feels like yesterday´s memories. But 2 weeks since she got her have passed by, and now she's back in Norway.Time goes fast when you are having fun. So fast that I didn't have time to absorb the things we did. I was pretty upset the day she left. So,  I locked myself in my apartment for the whole day and looked trough the pictures of the last 2 weeks. Emo, nothing new. But what actually gave me a good laugh is that the pictures I have of Nellie are only pictures of her eating. It was her first time in B.A, first time in Argentina and yes, first time in South America too. And what did she do here? Eaten. She ate day in, day out. It was hardcore from the first day she arrived. We started her B.A experiences with a Thanksgiving dinner at Autum´s place. And then we went straight to another food party - dessert party at Clara´s case. And of course we baked cupcakes that day too.  We planned to go to Le Tigre, didn't happen. We had a picnic at my rooftop instead. We wanted to spend our afternoon in the beautiful cemetery in Recoleta. Didn't happened. We baked cupcakes instead. We did go to Calle Caminito and acted like tourists for one day. Hated it, felt like retarders. And all we thought about was food. So we went to a parilla and ate all type of meat for 4 persons. We also visited China Town, but of course not for sightseeing....

So here is a sneak peat of Nellie´s stay in B.A... Ps! If you expect to learn something about B.A in this post. Don't bother 
to read the rest. 

Day 1. Thanksgiving dinner

Still day 1. Dessert party 

Ooo no she is not done! This is a coffee break. Ready for round 2 pretty soon. 

Day 2. Cupcakes to breakfast at 7 AM. This one is hardcore...

Hahaha She is just like a fat kid who eats everything you give her. Always happy when she gets food, even she woke up with a nazidick on her face... 

"Mmm... This soup is good, but I really want morcillas to dinner tonight. And could we please drop in the supermarket? I want salami and some chinese snacks... Mmm.. Mooncakes!". FYI: She always plan her next meal before she is done with the current. 

This was one the way to the supermarket...
She wanted morcillas. So here we go... Haha Nellie! The food is on the table, not next to you! Don´t give Fercha that look, you creepy asian. 

Preparing my birthday dinner... Her specialize: Chicken salad. But it wasn't much chicken in the salad... I wonder why..

Eating her own salad after she finished half of the chicken. 

Salad for Danni, cupcakes for Nellie. 

Nellie is always the first one out. And always the last one too. 

Ok. Check out the difference. I was posing. She was actually enjoying the cupcake. 

Snacks at 5 Am. Normal.

This girl made this birthday cake for me. Even she was the one who ate most of it, she is still the best :)   

Babe, B.A will never be the same without you... This Norwasian tour is just getting better and better. Just to let you know, if you had a penis, I would for sure married you! 

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