Thursday, December 15, 2011

Project Feeding Nellie I

Lime sorbet, choco/dulce de leche and strawberry ice cream. mhmm

Tango show and dinner with Alejh.  

Alejh was done eating for a while now. But we kept going strong. 

No food on the table, look at that grumpy face. 

At Muu, our favorite spot every wednesdays. Half price for girls, which means that Nellie can eat more for the same price.  

The day she discovered Chocolate/Dulce de leche ice cream. 

Snacks time. Peanut butter mixed with Dulce de leche. 

What she likes about being social - The eating part. 

Day 1. She was disappointed over my fridge so this was the first thing she did when she came to B.A.

Breakfast. Normal.

"Hi chicken, I can't wait to have you in my mouth"... 

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