Sunday, October 16, 2011

Don't dance like a white boy. Learn how to shake like a real Brazilian

Im sure you already know that samba is the "shit" here in Brazil. Honestly, I didn't. I thought it was rumba!? But thats another story. Anyways, I´ve been checked out some samba clubs. I think I did it just fine (Mmmm... Keep telling myself that). But the white boys from my hostel looked like they were step dancing. Which is not sexy at all! So my advise is take a quick samba class, just to get the basic moves and rhythms before you embarrass yourself in public. Or if you are short of time, do like me. Have your own samba class in your dorm. Thank God for youtube. Just make sure that your dorm is empty for people. You don't wanna freak your new roommates out huh?

If you are not like this kid born with the samba rhythm in your blood, then you definitely need to check out the video below.

Here is the basic. Even a white boy can nail it easily. Remember, practice makes perfect!

I found these losers on youtube. This is a no-no samba. Asians... I´m ashamed...

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