Monday, October 17, 2011

I sold my soul, betrayed myself. Yes, I have been to a football game in Brazil.

I hate football. Hate it, hate it, hate it! Always have, and will always do! Now I hate it even more after I dated a football player i 3 years. But being the adventure and open minded traveller that I am (noot). I actually went to a football game here in Rio De Janeiro. It´s kind of a must thing to do when you are in Brazil. Aaaand I actually bought the Brazilian football uniform!!! No, I´m not proud. But nobody is perfect. It was a match between Botafogo - Atl├ętico PR. I´m not gonna try to impress you with my football knowledge. Cause it´s NADA there. So I´ll just let Wikipedia do the job. Read more about the teams her if you are a football idiot: Botagoa Futebol Clube and Clube Atl├ętico Mineiro. Being the football fan that I am, I don´t even know the name of the stadium were the match found place. I have been to another big game before. Carling Cup Final 2009: Manchester United -Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley Stadium. Impress? Don´t be. I did it for love. Was there with my x-boyfriend. Funny what love can make you do! Im not gonna comment how the experience was, cause I know my x is stalking my blog. But the conclusion of the football experience in Rio De Janeiro is: OK! I can´t stand football, but the football game I went to yesterday was actually just fine. The vibe and the atmosphere at the stadium was worth going for! 

Judas Yvonne and her friends: Sally and Robin. 

So... This is football... A bunch of hot guys chasing a ball... A ball... 
Suddenly, this huge "blanket" just showed up and covered the whole view! People went bananas!

"WTF!? Have I paid 90 R$ so I can sit under a huge black blanket in 2 hours!? FUCK THIS!" - Judas Yvonne. Robin just rolled his eyes. 

12 minutes later- I was already bored of the game. I was more exited about the people and the vibe around me. Hmm.... What´s for dinner?

"My team" scored. But being the good fan that I am. I didn´t saw it. I was more concerned about this T-shirt in front of me. Kite Surf Tournament.... No way! You gotta be kidding. This guy is too fat to kite surf? 

To be honest, I don´t even know the name of the team we were cheered on! But I know that they won. See? I´m not that hopeless! 

Enjoy your day, It´s raining in Rio! CRAP! 

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