Monday, November 21, 2011

Dexpedition, just another travel show?

Sure it is, but with retarders. Exactly how I like it. 

I haven't watched TV, movies or any kind of soap operas for ages. It feels a bit waste of time sitting in front of a TV or a lap top watching meaningless shit, when I actually can do meaningless shit... Like watching TV. This sentence just makes no sense. neh.. doesn't matter. I just wanted to distribute a travel show I randomly ran over. It goes by the name Dexpedition. I think the show is a norwegian production, but it´s in english, so no worries! I don't use to watch TV, but this show is so idiotic and the boys are so brain death that it´s genius. Again, no sense. The conclusion is: I love this travel show, and it´s worth the time. 

"Welcome to Zurich! Where there are wonderful people and lots of postcards to send home to your friends. Here, you can put on SPF 60 sunblock, act like a retard, look like tourist. Welcome back! Im your host, Mary!" Hahaha... 

So, here are the links to my favorite episodes so far: 

Oslo Untraditional tradition

Amsterdam  Love and other drugs

Milan Fab’s family affair

Is it me, or is the Italian guy pretty hot? I have this fetish thing for Italians lately... Cant blame me, Im living in Argentina as of the moment. 

Good morning Norway, good night Argentina!