Saturday, December 3, 2011

I have a disease...

That is one of the negative things about traveling. I get easily sick. There are so many bacterias and viruses that my body is not accustomed to... I have been infected by a virus called The Cupcakes Obsession. It´s a pretty harmless disease. I mean, it doesn't kill you! But it does something to your body. And like the other typical disease people get when they travel, like Chlamydia. Its hard to tell that you are infected before it´s too late. The symptoms for The Cupcakes Obsession are your hips getting bigger, your skin getting looser, your face getting rounder and you get tired of just walking up the stairs. Once you succumb to it, you have a constantly need for baking cupcakes. So that is what I have been doing lately. I bake cupcakes day in and day out. I bake cupcakes when I get home from parties at 4 Am in the morning. I start my day by baking cupcakes. I end my day by baking cupcakes. I bake cupcakes to my friends here in Buenos Aires. I bake cupcakes for the kids in La Boca. I´m gonna bake cupcakes as Christmas presents to the children hospital in Palermo. And today, I´m gonna sell my cupcakes at Plaza Francia in Recoleta at 5 pm. Come, come, come and buy my cupcakes! 

No I wasn't high on marijuana when I bought these things.

My favorite part: Chocolate tasting! 

White chocolate, coconut milk with a touch of peanut butter and cinnamon. Dangerously delicious.... 

Homemade chocolate confect... Mmmhmm...  

Testing out different flavors and combination

The first samples! 

Would you pay for this? I could kill somebody for this. 

Brownies cupcakes with granola with honey flavor. 

Cupcakes baking  and Nazi dick drawing at 4 am. 

Cupcakes decoration 6 in the morning. This disease is taking over!

Brownies cupcakes with granola base, topped with white chocolate, peanut butter and cinnamon taste. And Oreo of course ! 

Good morning Nellie! Cupcakes for breakfast? 

7 am. The way to Nellie´s heart is through her stomach. 

Poor kid, she didn't knew that she was posing with a nazi dick on her face. 

Cupcakes is taking over my life!!

Vanilla cupcakes with Oreo crackers, dulce de leche and NUTELLA! Looks like poop, taste like heaven. 

Cupcakes for my birthday party.  

You want a piece of this? Come to Plaza Francia, Recoleta at 5 ish! 

Cupcakes a la Yvonne 
See you in Plaza Francia at 5 ish! The plan was to be there at 1 pm. But you know me.... 


  1. beautiful cupcakes, beautiful you, happy birthday ivonne.....m*

  2. My god, these look amazing! I will come to Recoleta to support your cupcake addiction next time! I'm adding you on Facebook so I can be updated on your cupcake whereabouts.